Laser tattoo removal by experienced professionals using world famous Cynosure medical equipment. Nano second technology. FDA approved lasers.

Tattoo removal, R20 method, Permanent, Semi Permanent Brow removal at Skinworkz Beauty,

Throughout a treatment laser energy is delivered to the unwanted tattoo, targeting the unwanted ink and breaking it down into smaller particles. The tiny particles are then eliminated through the body’s natural processes,Our medical equipment is proven to provide faster ink clearance with fewer treatments, at Skinworkz we use the latest medical grade lasers for our treatments, we do provide results each visit and have successfully completely removed unwanted tattoos from most areas of the body, we use cryo cooling during treatments, resulting in less trauma to the skin, At Skinworkz we have strict protocols, strict guidlines during and after treatment to help avoid any risk of skin change, we provide each session at approx 6-10 week intervals, with our experience we can confirm we do achieve much more ink clearance at these intervals.

R20 method Tattoo removal method differs from the above traditional tattoo removal not because of the type of laser used but because of how our medical laser is used. It is often referred to as "multi-pass tattoo removal" because the laser treats the tattoo multiple times during a single appointment/visit. (Only available on black/grey light shaded tattoos)

1st pass with laser
Wait 20 minutes
2nd pass with laser
Wait 20 minutes

Tattoo Laser frosting is a result of the rapid temperature changes in skin tissue from the laser energy, causing plasma and gas to bubble within the skin.

With multi-pass tattoo removal more ink is destroyed with each individual session so that fewer sessions are needed to see complete results. People that are in a hurry to remove their tattoos – brides before their wedding, those looking to enlist in the military, we can confirm this method works great on specific tattoos.